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Milky Mama and Calm Babe Tummy Tea

Milky Mama and Calm Babe Tummy Tea

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This calming blend is nourishing for breastfeeding mothers and may help increase milk supply, whilst soothing baby's tummy and calming colic, wind and digestive disturbances.

Nettle is loaded with iron and vitamin C, which may help increase blood iron levels.

Fennel has been used traditionally as a milk enhancer for mothers and to reduce colic in babies and aid digestion.

Oatstraw is rich in vitamin A and B vitamins which calm anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Caraway is rich in antioxidants and supports digestive health.

Aniseed may improve mood and reduce the feelings of baby blues whilst supporting breast milk production.

Drink 1 - 3 cups of tea per day.



1. Add two heaped teaspoons of tea, per cup of water to an infuser.

2. Pour boiling water into your cup and place the infuser inside.

Allow to steep for at least 5 mins and enjoy warm whilst relaxing.

Note: It is best to drink tea at least 10mins before breastfeeding.

CAUTION: Be sure not to drink hot tea over the top of baby whilst breastfeeding to prevent burns. Full effect may take 2-4 days of drinking the tea, every mother and baby is different.