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Our Story

"Nourished Mama, Nourished Babe, Nourished Earth"

Greatmother co was founded by acupuncturist Dr Belle Taylor after an incredible postpartum nourishment experience following the birth of her second son Zyah.

 When Belle had her first son Octavius she spent a lot of time and attention planning the birth and having all the 'things' for baby, however she had not prepared for her postpartum.

Belles recovery and healing was long and slow, she had severe deficiency, which manifested as nightmares, anxiety, depression and fear to leave the house, this led her down a path of study into the traditional Chinese medicine practice of 'Zuo Yuezi' (sitting the month) otherwise known as 'The First 40 Days'.

After the birth of Zyah, Belle did things very differently and discovered for herself that the 40 day period post birth was a vital window of opportunity, where the mothers energy is vulnerable and open, she realised that in this space the new mother can both heal and resolve old health conditions and evolve deeply into a renewed version of herself. It is a unique and rare opportunity for a total mind, body, spirit reset.


Belle stayed in for 40 days and rested deeply, staying warm with hot water bottles and sitting by the fire, she snuggled up and focused upon feeding and bonding with Zyah. She nourished her mind, body and spirit through warm herbal baths, foot soaks, ginger scrubs, burning palo santo and sage, eating warm nourishing and easy to digest foods and herbal tonic teas.

Belle called upon her family and community for help with meals and chores, so that her and Zyah could rest deeply, and they responded with open hearts and arms.

She emerged from her second postpartum with her Qi, Xue (Blood) and Jing replenished, and a confidence in herself as a mother. Experiencing first hand that her health and wellness is directly correlated to her baby's wellbeing, peaceful nature and contentment. 

She felt enormous emotional wellbeing from asking for help and being so held and supported by her inner circle.

Belle had completely rebuilt a solid nutritional, conscious, emotional, and spiritual foundation to embrace motherhood.

When Belle's sister was pregnant with her third boy in four years, she wanted to give her sister a gift that would nourish, warm and let her know how important she is, this was the birth of the first New Mother Nourishment gift box.
Belle's sister felt so loved, replenished and nurtured, she ordered a few gift boxes for her pregnant friends and so Greatmother Co the business was born. 


The journey of motherhood is a perpetual evolution, its not easy and a woman is required to change on so many levels and discover deeper parts of herself, at Greatmother Co we aspire to help make your journey as graceful, nourished and joyful as possible. 

We know that nourished mamas, have nourished babes who in turn nourish mother Earth, the ultimate Greatmother.